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Gambling explanationGambling is a game when you make a wager and win or sometimes lose your money. But the real definition is that gambling is an event that has an intention of winning with a vague outcome. You can win money and any material goods and, of course, lose everything. The history tells that China and Europe are roots of many popular games.

Gambling has three elements:
  • consideration,
  • chance,
  • prize.

    So when you gamble the most important factor is a chance and even your luck. The experience or your art of playing doesn’t important. Everyone knows that the luckiest persons are beginners.

    Existing types:

    1. Casino games
    The example is any game that can be played by people for money or just for having fun. Most of them are offered in any casino settings.

    2. Table games
    Any table game is played on a table generally in a casino. The types are below:
  • blackjack, a card game between a person and a dealer, but nor between a person and the other players,
  • roulette, aperson places a bet on a number, chooses a color (two ones: red or black) and then looks if his choice wins after spinning a wheel,
  • craps, a dice game.

    3. Non-casino games
    The most well-known and popular non-casino games are lotteries (William Hill Bingo and others). Also coin-tossing games, confidence tricks, card games (the examples are Basset, Piquet, Teen patti Lansquenet, Put), dice-based games (Mexico, Liar's dice, Hazard, Backgammon, Passe-dix) and carnival games (like Hanky Pank).

    4. Electronic gaming is like a slot machine.
    Now everyone can play these games online. So gambling is still spreading the world,even when some countries prohibit such types of games and close casinos. For most part of people this is a kind of recreation. Other people see this as a form of gaining an income. So each person makes own decision, making a choice how to rest or make a living.

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